Sports Team Pack

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Firstbeat Sports Team Pack is specifically designed for monitoring training load and recovery in professional and collegiate team sports. Monitor up to 100 athletes at once – in real time!

Customize Sports Team Pack according to your needs. Choose:

  • Sports Software license:
    • 1-year or
    • lifelong
  • The number of heart rate belts
  • The number of receivers:
    • Team Receiver (range 200m, up to 100 users simultaneously)
    • Receiver 30 (range 30m, up to 10 users simultaneously)
  • The number of Bodyguard2 HRV sensors
  • The amount of electrodes for the Bodyguard2
    • 100pcs box
    • 500pcs box


Firstbeat allows coaches to effectively collect, analyze and interpret performance data of the players.

Superior range, automated processes and actionable feedback reporting support training decisions – on the go! Firstbeat Sports’ stress and recovery analysis is based on identifying individualized patterns of heart rate variability (HRV) and heart rate.

Firstbeat Sports is the only solution delivering performance insights on a single platform – on and off the field. Tracking of body functions includes oxygen consumption, respiration rate, EPOC and energy expenditure.


Training Monitor
Monitor the training load and intensity of players in real time and make sure each player is reaching the goals set for the workout.

See the training status of the whole team at a glance. Identify players with increased risk of poor performance and overtraining.

Detailed Reporting
Get training reports for each player and the whole team instantly. Heart rate variability based in-depth analytics reveal training load and recovery.

Overnight Recovery Test
Detect early signs of overtraining and see how daily stress factors influence the body.

Quick Recovery Test
Assess players’ recovery in 5 minutes. Instant group feedback provides a recovery score (0-100%) and recovery progress at individual and group level.

Cloud Sync
Support for remote coaching and centralized database management. Athletes can upload files easily to server from anywhere and the coach will have the access to the data within seconds. Teams using several licenses can also create shared databases by using the cloud-sync feature.

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English & Finnish
Reports available in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian and Finnish

Real time monitor:

Monitor up to 80 athletes at the same time: Heart rate, % HRmax, %VO2max, EPOC, Training Effect, TRIMP, 1-5 color coded training zones, kcal, timer with laps, follow-up view

Recovery and stress assessment:

Overnight recovery test: HRV based recovery index, scaled recovery index (%), stress and recovery reactions (time, proportions), Heart rate information (min/avg/max), follow-up view of recovery progress
Quick recovery test: 5-minutes test for groups providing HRV based recovery score (%) for team and individual level, recovery progress (direction), individual follow-up view for the last 6 days.
Daily stress report: Physiological state detection showing stress, recovery and physical activity periods during the measurement period.